Meters for ATVs, Go Karts, Golf Buggies, and Sport Motos

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We can supply full range of meter for ATVs, Gokarts/dune buggies, Golf Buggies, Motobikes, and all others. Please advise your specification for details so that we can give you what you need for your vehicles. Homologated lights are also available.

The meters below with the following features
1. Availability
motobike, atv, golf buggies, and go karts.

2.¡¢Main features
2.1£®working condition: -30oC~+80oC.
2.2£®water proof, anti-uv, and anti-shake.
2.3£®wide voltage from 8V~30V.
2.4£®LED display for better looking.
2.5£®patented speed sensers for more reliability and lower cost.
2.6£®meters are made by SMT techlonogy, which are endurable, pressureable, and anti-jamming.

3. Main function
3.1£®Max range display:99999.9Km; error range£¼1¡ë; mileages are stored paramently after poweroff.
3.2£®Max sub range: 999.9Km; error range:£¼1¡ë; mileage will be automatically cleared to Zero(0) when using next power-on.
3.3£®Figures display for speed per hour. More intuitive and more precise.
3.4£®Speed can be converted from km to mph.
3.5£®Right and left direction display.
3.6£®Far light display.
3.7£®Neutral display(N).
3.8£®Close light display.
3.9£®LED light makes background more homogeneous and better looking.
LED Meters series
ATV110-00 ATV200-00 ATV400-00 ATV650-00
FYA2-00 GL-00 KT350-00 RT125-00
XF350-00 SS128-00 Meter's senser Hall senser