1. Order online through Paypal, click here
2. Order through bank to bank, please see below terms and conditions.
3. You can also fill this Purchase Order Form and send us online.


If you need to place an order, please do the following
1) Specify the products model(s) you need to order.
2) desire quantity(ies).
3) Shipping information, such as Consignee, Destination Port and your full address along with Tel/Fax number.
4) upon receipt of the above information, we will send our sales confirmation with our bank account for you to pay for your order.
5) we will ship your order as per your instruction after payment is received.
6) all order for single product or samples will be charged for additional Sample Handling Cost, usually at 30~100% of unit FOB price. Such hanldling cost will be refunded after you approve the sample and place minimum order with full container in 2month from the date of receipt.

Sample policy
Some of our vehicles are available for sample order(single item order). In case you need to buy single item, the following terms will be followed.
1) a surcharge for Sample Handling Cost(SHC) at 30~50% will be required.
2) the above surcharge can be decreased from full container order after the buyer receive and confirm the sample in 2months

We accept the following methods of payment:
1) wire transfer(our bank account information will be provided upon confirmation to order).
2) western union (details will follow up after order is confirmed, but for order amount less than USD10,000.00).
3) you can pay with your credit card, debt card or any other ways through Buy now through Paypal, safer and easier way to pay online online.

It usually takes 24-48 hours to process your order. You will receive an instant confirmation after placing your order. We will email you our PI (Proforma Invoice) with our bank account after processing. You are required to send deposit, usually 30~50% of total amount(full container order only), to activated your order as per our PI indication. We will prepare your order if you can could send the copy of payment from your bank.

It usually takes 10~25 days for us to finish and depart your order.

You can ask us to ship your order if you pay for the freight. You can also arrange your order shiped by yourself through your shipping agent. We deliver worldwide to any place around the world. Please refer to this page Worldwide Shipping Rates for shipping cost.

Please note the shipping cost listed on Worldwide Shipping Rates are for reference only due to continious changes and different rates of shipping companies, so please ask our final confirmation for shipping fees if you ask us to make the delivery to you.

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