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E-Power Spares
Safety Accessories
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Main Spares for E-powered scooters/bikes
DC motors ranging from 80W to 10KW, for escooters, ebikes and E-Vs   Controllers ranging from 24V to 72V for different brush motors and brushless motors
hub wheels
controllers for bikes and scooters
Batteries Chargers for ebikes, escooters, golf carts, and E-Vs   Batteries for ebikes, escooters, golf carts, and E-Vs
Battery chargers
Throttles for scooters Brake levers power switches
You can build an e-scooter or e-bike by yourself with full spare parts from us. If you wish to do so, contact us now for full set of scooters' parts. Everyone can have his own bikes built by himself. Enjoy the manufactory with a lot of happiness.
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