Welcome to our video room. Please click any of the following links to view the videos, which may possibly interest you. Please be patient while video uploading, as it may take seconds to minutes, depending on your connecting speed and video size.

ATV / Quad
ATV-09, 250cc
ATV-17, 250cc
ATV-23, 50cc
ATV-19,300cc 4x4

Golf Buggy / EV
Mobility Scooter: EMB- 06
Golf Buggy for One Rider: GF-006
Passenger and Cargo Carrier - GF008R
Golf Trolley with remote controller: GF-004
2x4 & 4x4 electric vehicle: EV-03B

Go Kart / Dune Buggy
Race Go Kart - GC113
Off-road Go Kart-GC128
Mini Off-road Go Kart - GC133
Mini Off-road Go Kart - GC135
250cc Go Kart in the Jungle(GC144)
812cc Dune Buggy - Sand Fox (GC150)
1100cc Dune Buggy - Sand Fox (GC151)
Offroad Go Kart with CVT Drive - KK1100-CVT

Electric Skateboard
Mini E-scooter
Electric skateboard

Other Proeducts
Water Bird
Toy Horses both for adults and kids

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